Brenna Kischuk is a writer and editor with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was also a Teaching Fellow. She is the founder and editor of pioneertown literary journal and her work has appeared in MUSE/A Journal, The Empty Bottle Chicago: 21+ Years of Music/Friendly/Dancing (Curbside Splendor), STORY magazine, HTMLGIANT, NOÖ Journal, theEEEL (from tNY Press), Queen Mob's Teahouse, Chicago Arts Journal, Matchbook Literary Magazine, and elsewhere.



My writing is both quantitative and contemplative, valuing economy of expression and distilled, sparse text. I explore intimate spaces, submerged tension, and nuance of emotion through work that evokes mood and embraces a natural pulse. The result is elliptical, episodic texts tethered to larger narrative work.

Taking inspiration from the rhythm of music and dance, my work engages the body and the physical in both generation of content and content itself. I am interested in subverting modern male/female dynamics, exploring subtle shifts of power, and dissecting the ways outside forces penetrate relationships. Art, culture, and science freely permeate my work, acting as guideposts and allowing for multiple points of entry. Lines of thematic inquiry extend to include other mediums such as projection, photography, sound, and text-based visual art.